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I’m Amanda Luisa Nicastro and I’m a Wedding, Senior, and Family Photographer. I am obsessed with Harry Potter, Disney, superheroes, the ocean, pancakes, and other such things. My happy place is sitting at home with my best friend (my husband) binge watching TV or playing a game and eating good food.


Looking back at my own Senior Portraits, I never felt like they were an accurate reflection of me as a person. I don’t see myself in those photos. If I could go back, I would work on infusing more personality. I got married last August and the most important thing to me was having a full representation of the day and freezing that special day in time. My wedding album is something I take out frequently to admire and savor the memory of what that day felt like. Love and family are what matters most in my life, I hope to take full advantage of every day with them.


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I look forward to hearing from you!

— Amanda